Google AdWords

Have you ever wondered how an advertisement related to 2 Days 3 Nights Trip to Manali pops up when you are trying to book your travel tickets online? Or how does 30% discount on meals at Subway pop up when you are trying to order for food online? It is Google AdWords at work!

Yes, this is one of the most popular ways of online advertising for your business and service. A paid advertising service developed by Google, it allows the advertiser to post short banners and videos to advertise their product or realm of service. These advertisements will be available to web users across Google’s network. But, the catch is, these advertisements will turn profitable only if they are targeted to the right audience only if it is the right mix of keywords and cookies.

Just contact DMG, and they will give you the right dart to hit the bull’s eye. The experience of DMG’s team will not only provide you the right copy and creative, they will also direct you to advertise in the right places based on their analysis of Google analytics.

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