E-mail Marketing

When you open your inbox, are all the mails relevant to you? How many spam mails do you receive every day? Have you ever noticed that the number of spam mails are more than the number of relevant mails? And, how many times have you deleted mails without even opening them?

Well, these are nothing but advertising mails sent by businesses to promote their products and services. E-mail marketing is another way of advertising and gaining visibility by sending e-mails to a group of potential customers. But, unless the receiver opens the mail, your advertising will bear no fruit. So, what do you do to make the potential customer open and read your mail?

Well, DMG has the answer for this. Years of experimentation and analysis have instilled smart e-mail marketing tactics in the team. The team is well-equipped to create compelling content and creatives, and also send it to the right mailbox. This has resulted in the success rate of many client’s who chose e-mail marketing as one of the options to promote their businesses.

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